Sophia del Rio

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Arts Fort Worth SoCur Exhibition, Fort Worth, Texas
Paintings and Sculpture

Lust and Suicide is a body of work as a direct result of my life after my father’s suicide. It was a time, lasting years, where I was barely able to feed and care for myself. Despite this, I experienced a disturbing surge of primal urges, like lust. My grief was disorienting, I didn’t recognize myself and felt possessed at times. The trauma of my father’s suicide left me changed. I felt, and still feel, like a woman searching for gasoline to put out a fire - Nothing makes sense. 

Lust and Suicide builds on my previous work using the same visual language and symbols, but has made a hard turn by incorporating the use of the human figure. The figure is myself, though I know many people could attest to their experiences of grief after a loved one’s departure. I choose not to include images of other people or even imagined people, my superstition and personal beliefs prevent me from using the images of others in a manner which could harm them.