Sophia del Rio

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Sophia del Rio is a multi-disciplinary artists based in
Fort Worth, Texas

Sophia del Rio was born in 1982, and raised in central Texas. For a few, very hungry years she worked as a choreographer in Austin, Texas. Her curiosity of the brain-body connection led her to study Neuroscience in graduate school, while she continued to practice dance and experiment in the visual arts.

Sophia del Rio works from a place of black humor and is inspired by the contemporary world where capitalistic trappings still can’t out-maneuver mortality. She searches for personal meaning in sex, bodies and strange conceptual spaces where bodies don’t exist yet: meatspace vs virtual world, the present vs the future, etc.

Anatomy and human experience inform her paintings and sculptures. Themes of sexuality, mortality, loss of time, and mysticism place her work somewhere in the of Art History context between Max Ernst and, contemporary American artist, Kiki Smith.